Our Approach & Portfolio

Primary provides its clients and network with introductions to private investment opportunities in fast-growing, disruptive scalable businesses.

We provide fundraising advisory for start-ups and scale-ups. Clients access our exclusive network of investors: venture capital firms, EIS funds, family offices and angel investors. Fundraising can be challenging, so our experienced team assist throughout the process. Services are bespoke ensuring we meet your specific ambitions. 

Our network of industry specialists, academics, politicians, journalists and industry body representatives guarantees that our clients get support from experts in the field. 

Below are some examples of scale-ups we have advised.

Our Approach & Portfolio
Heka Logo

Heka is the highest rated employee benefit on Trustpilot, offering employees over 5,000 wellbeing experiences with personalised recommendations to support all aspects of their health.

Arctech Logo

Arctech Innovation is a world-leading innovation centre for breakthrough research into the development and evaluation of new technologies for the surveillance and control of diseases.

Novai Logo

Novai is a disruptive British biotech start-up with an AI supported retinal biomarker for use in glaucoma and AMD clinical trials.

Curam Logo

Curam is a health-tech platform connecting self-employed carers and care recipients.

Inari Agriculture Logo

Inari Agriculture is a plant breeding technology company on a mission to transform agriculture and its impact on society and the environment.

Solgari Logo

Solgari is the provider of the all-channel cloud communications solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Hozah Logo

Hozah® Autopay is a fully automated, parking payment system that detects when drivers enter and exit Hozah-enabled car parks and automatically bills for the length of stay.

Aegiq Logo

Practical quantum technology changing the world today.