Innovation in Antibacterial Treatments: After COVID, Are We Ready to Fight the Bacteria?

As we are slowly recovering from the pandemic, there is now a much greater awareness of just how damaging infectious diseases can be. It is estimated that in 2019 alone, over 1.2 million people worldwide died as a direct result of rapidly emerging bacterial antibiotic resistance, and this figure might reach 10 million per year by 2050 if no actions are taken. 

Luckily, many public and private companies are now working on developing novel drugs and therapies to tackle antimicrobial resistance with support from governmental agencies, non-profit organisations, academic institutions, and big pharma companies like Pfizer, GSK, and Novo Nordisk. We profiled 122 companies with antibacterial assets including Accelerate Diagnostics, Selux Diagnostics, Day Zero Diagnostics, GenomeKey, Karius, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Companies, Basilea Pharmaceutica, Nosopharm, Omnix Medical, Peptilogics, Adaptive Phage Therapeutics, Locus Biosciences, Phico Therapeutics, Seres Therapeutics, Enterome, Eligo Bioscience, SNIPR Biome, Lumen Bioscience, Vaxdyn, Affinivax, and Immunethep, to bring you the latest insights into the state of innovation in antibacterial treatments.

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