ESGWatch: Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming has attracted considerable media interest in recent months, largely as a result of the significant new investments injected into early-stage operators, sometimes at eye-watering valuations. In this ESG Watch report we analyse current developments, examine the differentiation of individual business models, and muse over whether such funding is ever likely to see an economic return.

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ESGWatch: Vertical Farming

Further Spotlights

Vaccine rollout and beyond Justin Stebbing Interview

The rollout of multiple Covid vaccines has (for its successes) still only added to the dimensions of political drama over the pandemic. Primary was delighted to interview Prof. Justin Stebbing, a world-famous Imperial scientist and fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Royal College of Pathologists for his insights into these virus and vaccine challenges.

Gene Editing: Breakthrough Technologies Delivering Enhanced Sustainability

The European Court of Justice is shortly expected to deliver its definitive ruling on whether gene editing of seeds (ultimately intended to form part the human food consumption chain) will remain within the current ‘precautionary’ labelling – effectively outlawing their use within the EU jurisdiction as per their original 2018 assessment. In this article, the latest in our ESG Watch series, Primary analyses the recent history and developments in gene editing, particularly so in the CRISPR era, and presents why, in spite of significant innovation, understanding and advancement in our knowledge, the technology continues to raise so much controversy and polarisation of opinion from an ethical and bio-security perspective.

Genomic healthcare: Primary interview with Chris Wigley, Genomics England CEO

The UK’s Minister for Innovation Lord Bethell has presented a report outlining how the country aims to build on its life sciences expertise and develop ‘the most advanced genomic healthcare ecosystem in the world’. Primary spoke to Chris Wigley, CEO of Genomics England since 2019 about the work of his company, others like it and the future being enabled by mass genomic sequencing in healthcare.

China, Berlin and Greens: Macron Juggling Update

Vaccine shortages aren’t the only big problem for the EU at present: a new investment agreement with China is straining the Franco-German relationship, and in France previously ignored voices are speaking against Emmanuel Macron’s chosen course – and being listened to. Primary asked Leslie Shaw, economist and faculty member at the Paris campus of ESCP Business School, to elaborate on this; attached are his thoughts about Macron’s present situation and how it could affect his re-election chances: you’ll also find contextual bios for two relevant political figures.