Brexit Deal: Shanker Singham Interview

With the announcement of a post-Brexit trade agreement with the EU, we turned to the trade economist Shanker Singham for his thoughts on the deal. Shanker was a cleared advisor to USTR and to the UK Trade Secretary and has advised parliamentarians and government ministers on the overall approach to UK trade policy including the Brexit negotiations.  He is also the Policy Lead of the Trader Support Service Consortium, which is delivering on behalf of HMG the implementation of the NI Protocol.


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Brexit Deal: Shanker Singham Interview

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Optimism is high, new EVs are rolling out under a more sympathetic presidential administration, mobility technology companies are increasingly using the SPAC route to market, rumours abound re a Big tech OEM tieup but does present infrastructure permit a smooth transition to an entirely electric future? And what are the lessons for a country like the UK also hoping to increase uptake of EVs?